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utt-photoWelcome to Epic Solos!

My name is Thomas Utt and I am pleased to meet you.

I’ll be the guy delivering your Epic Solo Ads! (and they truly are epic)

With Epic Solos, You’re Not Just “buying another solo ad.”

You’re Investing in Weeks & Months of cultivated relationships, built-up excitement and a genuine eagerness to succeed in every single customer.

All that means is, each and every visitor you receive from our Epic Solos is hungry for exactly what you have to offer!

I have made double-sure of that.

Each new solo ad you purchase from me holds the potential for dozens of new, life-long customers.

But Anyone Can Boast About Their Clicks...
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Just take a look at this overwhelming response from some of my recent customers!

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As you can see, one of my very first clients, Chrisi Darrington is going bananas over my traffic!

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You can bet your bottom... dollar! That my traffic CONVERTS! Most of my customers get at least one sale on a solo ad purchase!

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As you can see here, it's not a rare thing to have opt-in rates flirting with mid-to-high dozens of percentages!

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And Just a Few More...

Epic Solo's Traffic is 100% Quality, Time-Tested & Precisely Targeted to YOUR Offer.

"80% Tier-1 Countries, Follow-up Sales!"

This customer's solo ad was completely FREE, and it even paid them a handsome profit!

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And even MORE Conversions & sales... Is it just me or are we starting to see a pattern here...?

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You Are Just Moments Away From A Powerful & Profitable, Lead-Generating Solo Ad!

At this point, you begin to see a small pattern emerging from the above results...

Almost every one of my customers has received at least 1 sale from their Solo Ad purchase.

Well guess what? You're next.

The traffic you receive from Epic Solos is the exact breath of fresh air your business needs!

So Why In The WORLD Is Everyone Going Bananas Over Epic Solos?

Our customers are raving fans from the moment of their first click.


Simple really...

Just ask yourself:

  • Wouldn't YOU like to have hundreds of visitors totally gobble up your offer with intense desire?
  • Wouldn't YOU like to get a FREE solo ad from the hyperactive spenders on my list?
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  • Wouldn't YOU be utterly STOKED to have an army of credit card-wielding students eager for new things to learn?
  • Wouldn't YOU like to have a list built off quality leads and prospects?
  • Wouldn't YOU love to get extremely powerful clicks for a fraction of the price of  the "regular solos" out there?
  • Wouldn't YOU enjoy waking up tomorrow with notifications of gorgeous stats from a highly-effective solo ad?

Of Course You Would... You and Just About Everyone Else...

After Just One Single Solo Ad...
Manny Hernandez is hungry for MORE!

Paul De Sousa Sees a 37% Opt-in Rate
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32.74% Opt-In Rates,
Responsive Traffic & Fast Delivery
Has Terry Hillmon Coming Back For More...

Peter FanYin Boasts 40% Opt-In Rates
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With a 41% Opt-In Rate,
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With a 41% Opt-In Rate, And 83% Tier-1
Peter Fan Makes a Positive ROI!

Fouad Receives 44% Opt-In Rates
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To Mention The Sales!

So What's it Gonna Be? Time to Join The Fun or Walk Away Now...

100 unique clicks: Reg price $83
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Let's face it...

We both know you already love Epic Solos. So that's out of the way.

The water is warm, we're having a blast. Jump in!

The way Epic Solos' clicks are going, it wont' be long before I begin to raise my prices to more competitive levels.

It would be wise of you to take advantage of such top-tier traffic for such a low introductory price.

Obviously, I can't keep Epic Solos at this price forever.

And friend, right now is the GOLD RUSH for Epic Solos. Right now is high time to get in, steal some of my subscribers and make a few sales.

Here Are 4 Reasons NOT to Invest in Epic Solos For Your Traffic Needs...

  • Reason Number One...

You're broke. 

If you're broke, do NOT buy traffic from Epic Solos. Period. Not a wise move!!

  • Reason Number Two...

You Hate it When People DEMAND Your Product.

Look, if you don't like it when people are genuinely hungry for your awesome product, this service is NOT for you. My traffic has proven itself to be very.... aggressive.

  • Reason Number Three...

You Wish to Keep Your AutoResponder Bills Low.

The best way to keep your auto responder bills low, is to have a small list. If this is what you want, do NOT invest in Epic Solos today!

  • Reason Number Four...

You Prefer to Get Cheap, Garbage Traffic.

Well, I definitely can't help you here. If what you're looking for is a sketchy solo ad vendor with questionable tactics and garbage traffic that you can't depend on, get out now! You won't find that trash here.

So You're Still Here... These Are the 7 Reasons to Book Your Spot NOW...

  • Happy, Active & Extremely Hungry Visitors

    Epic Solos accepts nothing short of high quality, 70%+ tier-1 traffic delivered to our highly valued customers. (that’s you!) Rest assured that with Epic Solos, your visitors are coming from a legitimate business and a red hot recommendation for your product! You’ll receive the absolute best quality in traffic and leads – guaranteed.


  • An Impeccably Fresh List, Continually Being Renewed

    Just as the human body renews itself every decade or thereabouts, so my list is continually being refreshed, enhanced and grown with my constantly-improving, high-converting funnels and product offers! Have no fear, Epic Solos is here… to send you fresh leads, every time.

  • Every Click A Unique Click - Guaranteed

    With Epic Solos, you will never be ripped off with duplicate clicks. No… When you invest in your Epic Solos, you are guaranteed to receive every single unique click from your package, no matter what! So when you order that package of 300 clicks, you get 300 clicks (and likely a few more).


  • FREE Sales Funnel Consultation & Analysis

    I didn’t get to where I am with a solid quality list without a little trial and error along the way! I am always working to improve and amplify my efforts when it comes to my funnels. And I take pride in doing the same for each and every single one of my customers and their funnels. When you succeed, I succeed.


  • Your Clicks. On Time. Every Time. Guaranteed.

    When you order our high-octane, super-steroid-level, credit-card-wielding visitors, you receive every single unique click you ordered, not a click less (but likely several clicks more).


  • Professional, Custom Solo Ad Email. Written FREE.

    Don’t even worry about having to provide an email swipe for our Epic Solo clicks. Once you purchase, your new solo ad email copy is written closely tailored to your offer, to produce the utmost excellent results for your campaign. You bring the offer, Epic Solos brings the traffic!


  • Competitively Affordable, Below Industry-Average Prices (for now)

    Our prices are placed competitively to allow anyone on any budget to begin receiving quality clicks to their offer with as little stress and strain as possible. As demand increases though, Epic Solos reserves the right to increase the price! So get in now before the price tags go up!


So What Are You Waiting For?!
Grab Your Clicks Now!

All it takes to get your hands on these hungry, converting visitors is a single click.

Just choose the size of the next avalanche of traffic you want sent to your offer, click the big shiny button and wait for my response (usually within the hour).

Once we’ve got you set up with a tracking link and any funnel tweaks, we’ll set your day of glory, then all you have to do is relax to refresh your stats.

Ready to get started?

100 unique clicks: Reg price $83
Your price ONLY $65

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200 unique clicks: Reg price $156
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300 unique clicks: Reg price $223
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500 unique clicks: Reg price $344
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1000 unique clicks: Reg price $688
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2500 unique clicks: Reg price $1,720
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5000 unique clicks: only $3,440
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10385200_739331166107632_1059752405_nThanks again for stopping by, and I look forward to providing one of the best solo ads your funnel has ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Talk soon…

-Thomas Utt

Questions? Suggestions?
Custom Order?

You can always reach me in a snap
at the below destinations.

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/thomas.utt.3          uttsmarketing

If you want the fastest response possible,
just click that big blue “f” above!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat offers do you accept?

    Epic Solos accepts all IM/MMO/BizOpp offers. Yay!

  • q-iconWhat if my offer doesn’t suit your list?

    Epic Solos reserves the right to cancel, refuse and/or refund your order if your offer does not a good fit for my email list.

  • q-iconWhen do you send traffic?

    Your traffic will not be delivered a moment before the day(s) agreed on.

  • q-iconHow long does it take to receive all my clicks?

    Clicks purchased will always be delivered within 96 hours of the start date.

  • q-iconWhat kind of quality can I expect from my Epic Solo?

    You can bet your bottom dollar that 70% or more of the clicks you receive are from Tier-1 countries. (US, UK, C, AU, NZ) – every time.

  • q-iconWill I always receive ALL clicks?

    There will almost always be at least some over-delivery. Ranges between 5% and 20%. I never (NEVER) under-deliver.

  • q-iconDo you utilize any… “Weird” tactics to deliver my solo ad?

    There is absolutely NO brokering or additional lists involved in the delivery of your solo ad. 100% my subscribers, nurtured and loved to a ripe hunger for your offer.

  • q-iconCan you help me get good results?

    I will occasionally supply a free review and suggestions for your funnel if you or I have any doubts about any piece.  (helps boost conversions on your solo day!)

  • q-iconWhat about tracking?

    All clicks are tracked by us, and we suggest you track them too. If you need one, let me know, I can direct you to the ideal tracker.

  • q-iconWho provides the solo ad swipe email?

    A custom-written email swipe comes free of charge on all orders. If you wish to use your own, provide it to me upon purchase and once it suits my writing style, you’re in!

  • q-iconCan I give you my CoReg offer to run?

    No Squeeze-to-Squeeze offers accepted – at ALL. Period. All pages proceeding from the opt-in should be your own and should not request additional subscriptions (unless they buy something of course).

  • q-iconHow many times can I order?

    Repeat orders are always accepted. For best results, a week or two between orders will be most wise, as our lists are always growing and refreshing. This will give you the most chance at fresh visitors.

  • q-iconDo you accept MLM / Network Marketing offers?

    Any of the major and latest Network Marketing programs are accepted on one condition: you must have your own squeeze page. Not only will this increase conversions, but it’ll interrupt any previous patterns anyone have seen in the past that relate to your offer.

  • q-iconPromise I’ll get some sales??

    While the traffic that comes from Epic Solos is of utmost highest quality, we cannot under any circumstances, predict how it will perform on your specific offer. But if you’ve done a few tests and tweaks and you have a solid funnel, you should receive sales conversions.

  • q-iconWhat if I don’t like the results? Can I have a refund?

    Once traffic is delivered, there are absolutely zero refunds accepted. The only condition in which refunds are accepted are if you did not receive all the traffic you ordered.